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For Band Saw Mill Mechanism System:
1.Strengthen structure for fix log.
2.Strengthen structure for main spindle seat.
3.Adding the speed for back to original place after finished the log cutting.
4.Strengthen structure for machine frame.
5.The level adjustment structure is individual, every slide seat equipped with level adjustment system.
6.Standard model include two 2.9M track sections which can be bolted together to make a 5.8M track for cutting 5M length log.
7.The machine base can extend unlimited to match more longer log or work-piece

Electronic Control System:
1.With patent for prevent saw blade to strike of safety function which is global exclusive.
2.Equipped with adding speed functions for up & down by digital to increase working efficiency.
3.The up & down system not only controlled by hand control shaft, but also can controlled by digital to setting the cutting high which will be more accurate.
4.Digital height control for accurate blade positioning (enter the thickness you want and press a button)
5.The feed speed move forward & back is controlled by inverter control system. The maximum feed speed for move forward & back is 20meter/minute.
6.The saw blade equipped with button switch(inch moving), it will be more convenient to change the saw blade.
7.The electric equipments equipped with CE standard

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