wire forming machine

Product ID: XUZHI-003

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Active forming unit (XZ-CX-8 ): 1 set
Main technical parameter
l Strip width: for ordinary carbon steel 14mm and for hard facing 16mm
l Strip thickness : ordinary carbon steel thickness 0.8-0.9mm and for hard facing welding:0.4mm,
l Output Diameter of wire forming machine: Φ2.8mm,2.2mm,
l Finished wire specification:Φ2.31mm~Φ2.8mm (semi-finished flux core wire) is re-drawing to Φ1.6mm~Φ1.2mm.
l Wire section shape: ordinary carbon steel wire is O-interface and hard facing wire is overlapping interface
l Strip material: low carbon steel SPCC-SD
l Inlet Strip entering speed: Umax ≤100m/min
l Filling rate13~50%
l High precision feeding system: automatic check and powder feeding accuracy relative error ≤±5%
l Motor power: 3KW ×7=21KW
l bobbin for pay-off and take-up : Φ800×Φ350×480mm (user demand is available)
l The machine model is composed with 16 groups of roller for forming and reduction including 3 groups of preformed roller,

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