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0: Comments: Very Ay , very positive . Because the dolls are shipped the same day the day of the production process is going to be some floating hair stained by hand after the first comb look like , oh , since it is the express, after compression is inevitable that some filler uneven place , can be understood tidy Jiuhaola , something very like , thank the owner . Here are real photos sun drying , double background , but my scarves , hehe. Papa Bear plush toy doll cat doll large creative Valentines Day gift ideas to send his girlfriend shipping Member yeluxia111: Comments: look is very nice but the quality is really very cute ...... hairy out badly yesterday touched on a lot of hair washed several times or so was going to buy for the baby to play with adults watching this Xinyou Wooden Toys , wooden toys suppliers , China www.xinyouwoodentoys.com
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