Magna-RX kindey enhancing pill

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Magna-RX kindey enhancing pill

Magna-RX kindey enhancing pill is mainly composed of tibetan special local product saffron along with fine chinese traditional medical materials such as aweto ,pilose antler of young stags , panax ,lily, ect . refined by modern hi-tech biological technology ,is to be a brand new set of organic natural yang-qi strengthening product, which is definitely going to enable you to act vigorously ,enetgetically and invincibly.

2. Ingredients:
saffron, aweto, pilose antler of young stags, ginseng, longan flesh oil, lily.

3. Functions:
erection pill sex promote,restores energy and reproduced blood ,improves the kindney function ,solves impotence and the early ejaculation ,helps those who lifts but firm, lacks the ability to perform sex well, slow erection, increases the size of penis, delay the time ejaculation.

4.Target crowd:
middle aged and old aged who are physically weak with a kindey dysfunction, penis shriking and shortening, early ejaculation, scarce sexual needs etc.

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