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Eight-Function Whole Digital Inverting Welding Machine
Product Description
The series of Nebula digital inverting welding machines includes MMA welding machine, TIG welding machine, Pulse-TIG welding machine, Argon arc spot welding machine, MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machine, Pulse- MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machine, Double-pulsed MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machine, Carbon arc air gouging welding machine, and welding machine with eight functions, in total, over thirty-three types. The company has past the ISO9001, and all the products have past the 3C Certificate and the CE Certificate, and got a patent. With the philosophy of "Serving human beings through leading technology" and the complete service system, the company will contribute to the society all its bests, and friends who tend to negotiate and cooperate from the entire world are welcome.
Product Feature
Complete functions: Combining eight functions in one machine.
The welding method to combine MMA, TIG, Pulse-TIG, Argon arc spot welding, CO2/MIG/MAG, Pulse-CO2/MIG/MAG, Double-pulsed CO2/MIG/MAG and Carbon arc air gouging in one machine is employed by the series of Nebula welding machines. The wanted welding function can be available through upgrading software.
Whole digital: Stable capabilities, fine welding performance.
Depending on the software to realize all functions, it is more advanced and stable than the traditional welding machine in the aspects of performance and capabilities.
Inverting technology: Stable arc, saving energy and high efficiency.
Complete network system: the long-range upgrade, long-range diagnosis, long-range control and so on.
The functions of the welding machine can be changed through Internet. All users in the world can see the actual waveform of welding current and voltage and all parameters. The failures also can be judged and diagnosed exactly by Nebula Company through Internet.
Product Specification/Models
Specification: Nebula 315 Steel shell ,Nebula 315 plastic shell, Nebula 400 Steel shell , Nebula 400plastic shell, Nebula 500 Steel shell , Nebula 500 plastic shell,
Rated input voltage (V) 3-phase AC,380V,50/60Hz
Input voltage range (V) 330V~460V
Rated output capacity (A) 315A,32.6V 400A, 36V 500A,40V
Rated no-load voltage (V) 55V~80V
Duty cycle 60%
Power factor COS (φ) ≥0.85
Efficiency (η) ≥85%
Insulation grade H
Case protection grade Metal front-panel: IP21S; Plastic front-panel: IP23
Dimensions (mm) 510×255×540 540×255×540 610×320×600
Net weight (Kg) 28 32 45
Parameter memory block 30
Parameters for MMA welding
Specification Nebula 315 Nebula 400 Nebula 500
Current (A) 10-315 10-400 10-500
Arc force 0-10
Start current (A) 10-315 10-400 10-500
Start time(s) 0.01-1
Arc break adjust (V) 20-80
The company has introduced the advanced technology from overseas. After development of many years, welding digitalization, long-range upgrade, long-range monitor, the long-range diagnosis, long-range control and welding expert database have been widely applied in Nebula digital inverting welding machines, and Nebula welding equipments have got advanced level in the world.
FOB, Ex-work, C& F, CIF
Minimum Order
one sample
cartoon, wooden cases , plastic,
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