Wire / Cable Strap Series

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Made of 100% nylon.

•Self-gripping, infinitely adjustable and reusable.

•Used for wires and cables , computer accessories ,book arrangement, medical

equipment and fixed goods etc.

•Part of Specifications: 16*200mm,20*550mm,25*800mm,30*1200mm

customer can select required products

•All products have passed ROHS & SGS, use good quality raw material which are

environmental protection, confirmed by the European environmental protection standards.

•Make life confident!Our companys products are the perfect solution for shortening,

bundling or simply securing the unsightly mess of wires, cords and cables.

• Wrap is an easy to use, convenient solution for a variety of organizational dilemmas.

Great for wire management, organizing tools, and hundreds of other uses.
  • ISO9001

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