Knife &Garden Tool  Sharpener

Knife &Garden Tool Sharpener

Kitchenware Garden Tool & Shear Sharpener

Product ID: T0907T

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Knife &Garden Tool Sharpener
1.High-efficiency sharpening result
2.Hand held design, suitable for many kinds of knives
3.Finger guard makes the sh-arpening safely
4.Ergonomic handle design make beautiful and practical.


1. Place the knife on a solid flat surface with the cutting edge facing up, one hand keeps the sharpener, the other holds knife, make sure the other four fingers put in the finger guard.
2. Straddle the knifes cutting edge near the handle of the knife with the "V" notch formed in the sharpener. With the head of the sharpener at about a 90 degree angle to the knives edge press down lightly using thu-mb pressure and draw the sharpener past the point of the blade.
3.To sharpen shears, hold shears with very light down-ward pressure, draw shear sharpener past the point of the blade.
4. Approximately 3 or 5 passes in this manner on each blade should be sufficient to return your shears to“new” sharpness.
  • ISO 9001:2008

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