Wood plastic composite Pavilion

Product ID: QZ03F1

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The advantages of WPC Products:
1. The use of high technology, the use of waste plastic and plant straw, through high-temperature compressed into wood composite, is a typical environmentally friendly products.
2. The water absorption of this material is only 0.2%, water resistance, not easy mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, chemical stability, high hardness.
3. The texture of this material is strong, high surface hardness, easy to wear, according to the need to create different colors, anti-aging properties, long life outdoor garden decoration, landscape design, gardens, flooring, landscape chair, fence making the the material of choice.
4.Can be used for packaging in the logistics process, is the ideal material for making boxes. Trays.
5.Specifications and shape can be manufactured separately according to the user.

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