PCB video microscope SX100

PCB video microscope SX100

video microscope/PCB test equipment/AOI/measurement machine

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Function :
SX100 is a series of electronic video microscope of microscopic which are together with
optical microscope, cameras and liquid crystal display. Small objects has been transformed
into the video signal through a microscope image, it can show high-definition, and
high-resolution color images on the display, the image can be a certain ratio adjusted and
magnified to be observed.
Performance and features:
1. easy observation. place objects under the microscope, they can be displayed .
2, improve working conditions. resolve the eye tiredness because of observing microscope for
a long time.
3, integrated structure, easy to use, small size and save space.
4, magnification level can be adjusted.
5, Simple installation. Place the machine on the desk to work.
6, annular light source at the top for observation (only SX100).
PCB manufacturing, SMD manufacturing, precision
welding, precision assembly, medical
equipment manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing,
plate-making operations, instruments
measurement, inspection testing, demonstration and
Performance and features:
Technical parameters:
amplificatory ratio: 10X-100X (optional 2X lens, to enlarge 200X)
Working distance: 100mm
observation table area: 155mm * 230mm
A high degree of vertical axis: 250mm
Chassis: 235mm * 155mm
LCD: 8-inch, 640 * 480 resolution power, 0.2535mm * 0.2535mm distance

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