Natural gas/Coal gas Glass Annealing Furnace WLQ-RTS

Product ID: Annealing Furnace

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1.The flame keep above the glass products,radiant tube radiation heating.
2.Burning part adopts subsection control,automatic temperature adjustment,the user can set different temperature of the each heating section,based on the different products,from this achieve the desired temperature.
3.The hot air circulation fan, double stainless steel container,the end of the slow cooling zone has the waste heat recovery system.
4.Uniform temperature,All Stainless Steel combustion chamber,long serving life.
5.Full automatic control, more precise temperature-control, automatic control temperature difference ± 1 ℃, lower energy consumption.
6.Accepts customized according to customer requirements.We can Shorten or lengthen the furnace based on the output of the host,that ensure the customer use it reasonably.

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