T8 Waterproof Fluorescent Fitting

Product ID: JLB-136

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T8 Waterproof Fluorescent Fitting
T8 Waterproof Fluorescent Fixture
Tri-proof light fixture
Tri-proof lighting fixture
Tri-proof light fitting
Tri-proof lighting fitting
waterproof, dustproof, flameproof, fogproof, anti-corrsosion

Materials available:PS/ABS PC/ABS PC/PC
Built in magnetic ballast & starter electronic ballast

water proofing, moisture proofing dust proofing
IP Rating :IP65
high quality and pretty competitive price


Dimension: 1278*112*100mm
IP Rating: IP65
Carton per carton: 129.5*22.5*26.5cm
Pcs per carton:6
Lamp: T8 fluoresecent tube
Material available: ABS/PS ABS/PC PC/PC
CE GS ROHS certification
We can design moulds according to customers requirements
  • CE
  • GS
  • ROHS

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