Bag filter housing

Bag filter housing

Filter housing

Product ID: JPFH-001

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We ,JP Waterpower is specializing in water and waste water treatment equipments and accessaries.

Bag filter housing is one of our main products

Operation theory:

Precise filter is made of molding material. Raw solutions pass through filtering material , the sediments are kept on the filter wall. Its’ filter precision is between sand filters and UF filters. There are different filter precision according the filter hole size. It.’is normal located after the pressure filter. It is mainly for fine particulates deleting from solutions and it can prevent the fine particulates enter into back process .

Main data:
... Working pressure:0.05MPa -0.6MPa
... Working temperature: 5-60 centigrade( special tem. can be customed)
... Filter cartridge connection: plane, plug
... Precision: 1um-100um
... Cartridge numbers:1-180
... Cartridge length: 10-50 inch
... Flux: 0.1 m3/h to 300m3/h
... Materials: 304, 316

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