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Electrocoagulation unit:

Mainly used for waste water engineering or lab test.

Removal of radioactive species, especially in uranium, radium, plutonium
• Removal of algae
• Pretreatment for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, etc.
• Removal of complex organics, especially in fats, grease, fibre, emulsified oils and PAHs
• Removal of pesticide
• Treatment of cooling towers water
• Removal of suspended and colloidal solids
• Process of multiple contaminants
• Process of marine bilge waters
• Process of landfill waters
• Sludge Dewatering
• Regeneration of antifreeze
• Process of commercial laundries waters
• Process of parking lots waters
• Process of steam cleaners waters
• Removal of negatively charged salts such as nitrate, phosphate, fluorides, cyanide, arsenide, molybdenum, sulphide, chromate, silicate and so on
• Removal of positively charged heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, nickel, lead, antimony, zinc, Chrome and so on

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