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Product ID: F-020

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SpecificationsPromotional Gifts In Winter Gel Hot Pack
1. Reusable
2. Size:10*10CM 100G
3. Non-toxic
4. Welcome OEM

Promotional Gifts In Winter Gel Hot Pack Features:
1. Convenient to carry and easy to use

2. Warm up very quick

3. Environmentally friendly and energy saving

4. Durable and reusable

Promotional Gifts In Winter Gel Hot Pack Usage:

1. Hold the hot pack with one of your hands and then squeeze the sheet metal with the other hand.

2. After squeezing the hot packs, the hot pack begins to release heat.

3. The hot pack will keep warm for 60 to 120 minutes.

4. For latter use, please place the solid hot pack in boiling water covered with cloth for 5 to 10 minutes.

When the liquid hot pack cools down, it can be used again.


1. Keep it away from fire, edgy tools. Do not squeeze it with heavy objects.

2. When heating, do not squeeze the sheet metal.

3. For external only. No biting.

4. Please put this item in a container with eno

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