Hot or Cold Therapy Compress Pack for Shoulder, SPA Therapy Compress Packs

Product ID: F-005

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Hot & Cold Pack is a multipurpose pack which can aid with the treatment of many medical problems, such as bumps, bruises, headaches and period pains.
Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue injures.
Soft flexible luxurious packmoulds to the problem area.
Last longer than a standard Ice or Hot pack.
Effective for the relief from muscular pain.

Key Features of Crystal Gel Hot&Cold Pack:
1. Much better performance than traditional pack.
2. Therapy pack remains soft and flexible even been stored in temperature lower than -20 .
3. Double layers ebsure no leakage.
4. Special gel and packaging material to enhance soft feeling.
5. Crystal shape, nice looking, and different color available.

Cold compress: Headache, fever, toothache, sunstroke, scald, muscle scuffing, sprain, trauma haemostasis, beauty etc.
Hot compress: Arthritis, rheumatism, menorrhalgia, stomach trouble, cervical vertebra trouble, sciatica, and strain of lumbar muscles etc.
Hot Neck Wrap:

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