Instant Ice Pack (F-001)

Product ID: F-001

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To control and alleviate the bruising and pain caused by strain, bruise and burn, and to remove the pain and discomfort induced by fever, headache, toothache, mosquito bite rapidly. May also can be used for beauty routine on eyes or face. Keep fresh for vegetables, fruits, beer, beverage, food, etc in the short time when no cold source is available. (The athletes apply instant ice packs on knees during NBA games. )
Find the small liquid pack inside and break it, the instant ice pack will get cold within 3 seconds. Then shake it up and down to make the content fully mixed, the temperature of instant ice pack will be below zero in 2 minutes. It can be wrapped with sticky bandage or tape. Please give up in a garbage can after using.
Simple activation methods: put the instant ice packs flat in one hand, blow it by another hand hardly.
The instant ice pack can only be used for external physiotherapy. If eye or skin contact the content, it must be washed by

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