Torque multiplier-Wheel nut wrench

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Model HY58B Vehicle lug nut tyre spanner adopts high efficiency planetary shifting as main drive. It futures small dimension, lightness, durability and large gear ratio and thas a large out put tarque can be priduced by inputing less force. Multipurpose spanner is made of high grade alloy steel in the process of fine heat treatment . The outer surface is polished with the plastic spray treatment and has a fine feel. Multipurpose spanner is widely used to assemble and disassemble the tyres of various heavy trucks. It is a necessity for repairmen or drivers!!
1.put the sleeve onto the square head of the handle end and the rocking bar on the other end
2.When the sleeve is put on the net to be disassembled or fastened ,pay attention to the direction of lossening an tightening . Roll the rocking bar so that the handle is against the side of another bolt tightly.
3.After the nut is unscrewed ,use the long bar to disassemble quickly.(First use the long bar to screw on quickly and then use labour saving wrench instead during tightening.)
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