Labor saving wrench

Labor saving wrench

Heavy duty vehicle tire nut wrench

Product ID: HY58

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wheel nut wrench use to assembly or disassembly tire
1.small dimension, lightness;
2.large gear ratio;
3.large output tarque

Model HY58 wheel wrench for truck adopts high efficiency planetary shifting as main drive. It futures small dimension, lightness, durability and large gear ratio and thas a large out put tarque can be priduced by inputing less force. The product is made of high grade alloy steel in the process of fine heat treatment . The outer surface is polished with the plastic spray treatment and has a fine feel. The wrench is widely used to assemble and disassemble the tyres of various heavy trucks. It is a necessity for repairmen or drivers!!!
  • CE
  • ISO9001:2008

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