Servo Simulation Manipulator

Servo Simulation Manipulator

Servo Simulation Manipulator(300KG~1500KG)

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300KGS~1500KGS specification, widely used in forging, casting and heat treatment industries, capable of realizing automatic transporting and precise positioning of workpiece under high temperature, high dust, high oil contamination and heavy loading conditions, 24hours a day, so as to greatly reduce labor intensity or realize unmanned production, which could effectively improve the rate of qualified product and productivity and reduce the investment of energy and materials. This type of manipulator is able to realize manual control, manually charging and discharging of workpiece to host, heating furnace and transporting line as well as precise positioning.

Technical Characteristics:

1. It is simulated according to movement features of human arm.

2. Flexible action, convenient operation.
  • ISO9001

Main Products

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