Rail-Bound Charging Manipulator

Rail-Bound Charging Manipulator

Rail-Bound Charging Manipulator(1T~50T)

Product ID: chargingmanipulator

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1T~50T specification, it can realize the function of clamping the workpiece from the grond and carry it into the furnace, and simultaneously take out the heated workpiece from the furnace and send to the forging hammer, press or a ring-mill. This manipulator owns 7 major functions including cart travelling, dolly travelling, dolly turning, clamp holder tilting, clamp stretching and tone clamping.

Technical Characteristics:

1. Suitable for high temperature working environment.

2. Act sensibly and quickly, high work efficiency.

3. Heating treatment charging manipulator is able to realize time control during the production to ensure the time consistency of discharging and quenching.

4. Very convenient for operation and maintenance.
  • ISO9001

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