2.3mm High Brightness Chasing EL Wire

Product ID: CK-ELCW-2.3-X

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2.Features of The High Brightness EL chasing wire

2.1 Low energy consumption: 14mw/meter-90mw/meter(AC 110V 800HZ-1200HZ)

2.2 Longer life span: 8000hours (AC 110V 800HZ)

2.3 Brightness index: 150cd/m2 (AC 110V 800HZ)

2.4 Water-proof, anti-UV, anti-hardening under the temperature of -20°C, without toxic and heat radiation, not including UV, safe and no environment pollution.

2.5 Soft, flexible to bend; arbitrary to knot, cut, splice, and will not affect the continuity light-emitting devices luminescent properties; convenient to install; no need for professional guidance

2.6 The products can be directly used with transparent adhesive tape, glue, pins, wire nails and other objects fixed in the decorative surface.

3. Application of the High Brightness EL chasing wire

3.1 Indoor advertisement: can be made into various types of dynamic text patterns ,applied on store family showcase, door decoration, furniture edges, wall design, roof design, trees, grass and so

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