MESH-500, 500mW

MESH-500, 500mW

Mesh innovation for mobile user with laptops

Product ID: MESH-smart

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As the growth of new demanding trend for servicing Internet mobile users (using laptop, USB, PDA, WiFi handset...), we have built up a new concept for cost-effective and easy-deploying WiFi MESH solution --- MESH-smart series

The Mesh-smart is an outdoor solution for outdoor mobile application, surely it can work for indoor as well, please refer to P.3 of attached PPT file for indoor application.

The MESH-Smart series is a new concept utilizing ime division scheme to perform ackhaul and AP simultaneously on one signal radio, thats the key point making it cost-effective and easy deploying. It is a single radio with 2 x SSID, basing on 2.4GHz, 802.11g/b, utilizing the time division concept; 1 x SSID for backhaul (as dedicated link to connect other Mesh units in the same group); and 1 x SSID for AP (for broadcasting and serving the clients).

A particular deployment scenario for a WISP covering long range users (fixed CPE) and mobile users (centrino, laptop, USB) should be construed smartly as follows and attached.

1) upper tier: long range fixed AP and backhaul; for long range fixed CPE user;

2) lower tier, Mesh-smart for mobile users in a smaller, closed and independent zone; it is very easy and cost-effective to set up the Mesh group for serving mobile users; and the operator can set up many different groups along the way of backhaul or around the AP tower.

MESH-smart performs as a cost-effective solution for mobile users in a smaller area. Despite of cost-effective, it is still weather proof working for both outdoor and indoor application. The deployment scenario shown as follows,

A) 5 units as a group; each unit apart from others by 300~500m distance; each group cover around 1 x 1 Km area;

B) 5 is the optimized number in terms of best coverage and bandwidth consideration together;

C) the operators can set up many groups along with the backhaul to form up a big area just like the Cell phone topology.

D) since all mobile users are covered within a radius of 300m or so (in buildings or outdoor) in an overlapping area of the mesh units in the same group, the interference affection is limited to the least.

Attached please find the file depicting the deployment scenario under a long range WISP topology for serving mobile users and the application idea in a hotel or condo or big office building........also the brochure and pricing for MESH-smart; and summary info as below-listed FYI:


1) It is one radio unit cost-effective unit, supporting 2 x SSID for AP(WiFi) + Backhaul(proprietary) simultaneously by time division scheme. The key word for WiFi Mesh is the management software in the unit, it will do auto best route selection for each unit to find the best way to connect to the WAN,

2) due to the auto best route connection, it also serves as automatic redundancy.

3) There are 2 models in the series:

Mesh-100 : 2.4GHz, 802.11g/b; 100mW, up to 250 meters;
Mesh-500 : 2.4GHz, 802.11g/b; 500mW, up to 500 meters; (more recommended)

4) Though cost-effective and easy deployment, it is weather-proof design capable for both outdoor and indoor application. It is good for certain separated areas, indoor and outdoor (apart from the fixed long range CPE) on mobile applications as a make-up solution for fixed long range WLAN, targeting mobile users in certain limited and independent zones. And if the operators wish, they can have many such limited and independent zones along the way of backhaul or around the AP tower.

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