waterjet cutting machine

Product ID: HD-A380-2030B

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intensifier pump HD-A300 HD-A400 HD-A420

Main technical data
Intensifier brand IWP from American
Reversing way Electrical shift
the range of pressure is 50-420MPa
Max discharge of oil pump 90L/min
Max water discharge 3.7L/min
Max orifice diameter 0.3mm
Main motor power 18.5KW(25Hp)-37KW(50Hp)
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Touch screen to show the machine working condition and error information.
CNC System Main characters

Controller CNC control
Size of LED 19 Inch LCD
File type DXF file
Computer industrial professional computer
operation system Windows XP
advantage of cutting software autosave and transfer common cutting parameter
Controller displace controller can be fit to suitable place at will.
Cutting table(Bridge type)

HD1525B HD2030B HD2040B HD3020B HD2060B

Processing scope
1500mm×2500mm 2000mm×3000mm 2000mm×4000mm 3000mm×2000mm 2000mm×6000mm
Main characters
X beam material one-off extrusion forming aluminum alloy
Drive system Z-axis auto control, has 3-axis linkage control and auto tool setting function.
ball screw and linear guide ABBA from TAIWAN
Platform structure separated structure
Drive system Servo drive
Main technical data
Z-axis journey 150mm
Control accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.1-0.2mm
Max thickness 100mm
Optional parts
Dynamic cutting head(4-axis) It will make no inclination available, improve cutting quality, especially can be used in waterjet marble and ceramic medallion, which makes them avoid polishing and increase efficiency. At the same time , it will improve medallion level.
Abrasive removal unit absorb the sullage by the high efficiency auto-clear sullage pump, continual working between water tank and sullage case, thus the sullage deposit in the case ,sewage vent back to water tank, until the case full with sullage ,it is a automatic process, don’t need the manpower working.
Auto water cycle cooler It is used for cooling the water temprature, to insure the hydraulic oil at suitable temprature and the equipment in normal operation.
Auto abrasive delivery System it can supply the cutting sand quantity according to the adjustable sand level location tube in the sand bin. without any electric connection units, more safety and reliably.

This waterjet cutting machine is composed by three parts, intensifier pump,CNCsystem and cutting table.
Waterjet machine Usage Glass, marble , ceramics , metal,rubber, foam, crystal, bamboo, fabric, granite and so on.
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