Cans isobaric filling machine

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Equipment summary:

As the requirement of glass bottle beer packing techanics, on the basis of assimilating advanced technology home and abroad, we develop the newest type of glass bottle beer packing equipment, which will supply the high-efficiency fullest beer filling production line.

Features of equipment:

filling valve adopt high accuracy mechanical filling valve, and it will not evacuation without bottles.

External mechanical valve structure, there is no spring and seal components,

With two vacuumizing ability , Equipped with high pressure shock bubble device

Transmission adopts open-die gear and gearbox combination transmission .Stepless speed change , Large range of speed

Drive the machine with automatic grease lubrication system may require rationing supply to the lubrication points. High transmission efficiency, low noise, long life.High transmission efficiency , Little noise .
Due to the bottle quality problems caused by blasting bottles ,wine v
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