Carbonate beverage filling machine

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Suitable for: Cola, spirit, soda, etc.
Suitable bottle shape: PET bottle in all kinds of bottle shapes
Filling system: isobaric filling
Production capacity: 2000-20000BPH
Technical features:
Conveying by air-blowing tunnel, bottle in-let screw wheel and bottle neck clamps.
High speed bottle grip skill, bottle shape change freely, the machine inside working table is more tidy.
Filling monoblock machine finish the bottle washing, filling and capping inside, high wear resistance
Specially designed stainless steel bottle gripper, tough and durable. No touching the bottle neck to avoid polluting the beverage.
Pressure-bearing liquid tank, using loop tank for high speed line.
High speed big flow isobaric filling nozzle, which fills beverage very quick, accurate liquid level, no liquid loss.
All the parts that contact the liquid are all made of high quality stainless steel or food-grade engineering plastic; most of the components on the electrical system are imported and qualified
  • Iso9001 CE

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