Sun simulator

Product ID: GSS--2012

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Model Name GSS--2012
Lamp Spectrum In line with iec60904-9 spectral Irradiance distribution requirement(AM1.5)
Light intensity 100mW/cm2 (continuous adjustable range 70-120W/cm2)
Light intensity non-uniformity  ±2% A grade
Instability degree of irradiation ≤ ±2%A grade
Test result consistency  ±0.5%
Test error of electrical properties  ≤±1%
Single flash time  10~100ms
Effective Test range 2000x1200/5W~300W
Measuring votage 0~100V(resolution 1mV)
Measuring current 0~20A(resolution 1mA)
Test Parameters 1sc, Voc, Pmax, Vm, Im, FF, EFF, Temp, Rs, Rsh

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