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JLH washing-filling-capping 3-in-1 machine is a set of equipment with high precision and speed to fill liquid. It adopts bottle-neck block technology, not only avoiding second pollution to the bottle-neck, but also realizing filling different specs of bottles in one equipment, which greatly improved commonality of this equipment. Production capacity is 2000 bottles to 48000 bottles per hour. Main-frame machine adopts frequency controlling electric motor, which is much corwenient to adjust speed in scope of production capacity.
Technical Parameters:
- Number of Filling Valves: 12-84
- capacity: 2,000-48,000BPH at 500ml
- Type of Bottles: 0.25 - 2.5L PET Bottles of various shapes
- Bottle Height: 150-320(mm)
- Bottle Diameter: φ50-100(mm)
- Filling Temperature: ambient temperature
- Filling Principle: Gravity Filling
- Filling Product: mineral water, purified water, flavor water and low alcoholic drinks. - Certificate:CE, UL, SGS, ISO, FDA
The Technical Parameter of the Pure/M

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