Al Substrate 1 led 5050 SMD module

Product ID: SQL-AP50-01

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Al Substrate 1 led 5050 SMD module
Input Voltage:DC12V
Warranty:2 years
Factory direct
View angle:120°
Superbright SMDtop LED & viewing angle, high brightness output, no spot and shadow.
Colors can be chosen as R/G/B/Y/W, and the lumen is 2/4/1.5/2/6lm.
Low power consumption & operating voltage, safe and energy-saving.
With IP65 protection rating.
Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant, long lifetime, more than 50000 hours.
Easy installation with mounting holes and 3M adhesive tape on the back.
Widely used in household lighting.
Backlighting for advertisement, signboard and billboard.
Backlighting for light box.
Signal lamp for channel.
The module is 20pcs/string, 1.6A current per string. User can put several strings in parallel connection, each string running a loop. Lest the nonuniform color caused by the voltage drop, the cable section of main power supply should not less than 2.5mm2.
The module number of each string is customizable or a single use.
Keep it in a well-ventilated environment, good for heat dissipation.
When connecting, yellow wire to connect power “+”, white wire to connect power “-”. Don reverse.
Banned charged work.
Suggested to use brand switching power supply with safety certificate.(with short circuit, over voltage, current protection function)

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