open batten fixture 2*14W,2*28W,2*24W,2*54W

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Open batten fixture performance characteristics
1) High Power Factor:PF>98%,reduce the state grid power loss
2) Long Lifetime:over 10000hrs under normal working conditions
3) Low Total Harmonic Distortion:Comply with nation standard,reduce the state grid pollution
4) Wide Voltage: AC170V~260V,can be started at 150V
5) No Flickness:No flash,Use tri-phosphor powder,Reduce your visual fatigue,caring your eyes
6) Material:Fixture body adopt Iron or Plastic with PC cap, beautiful and durable
7) Application:Factory,School,Hospital,Office,Shopping mall,Supermarket,Household,Display window etc.
8) Energy saving and Friendly Environment:45% less energy consumption than T8 tube

Special attention:
1) Dont use the product in outdoor enviroments
2) Please switch off and disconnect power before installation
3) The product is suitable for ceiling & wall mounting
4) Dont touch the lamp when the power is switched on or few minutes after switching off

Please try earlier due to its energy saving and environmental protection

Our company also can produce t5-t8 adaptors which largely replace T8 fluoresent tubes and are rotated into T8 fixtures directly.

The factory has the certificates of CE,ROHS,CCC and promises that we will exchange the bad quality goods which cant run one whole year under the normal working conditions except that (1)the clients change,break or remove the electronic units (2) T5 work beyond the limits: voltage 170v to 260v.
  • ISO
  • CE
  • ROHS

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