LSR injection machine

LSR injection machine

LSR Liquid Silicone Injection moulding machine/baby feeding prodcuts

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Our machine is good command at producing a various of Silicone products such as Baby bottle, Baby Nipple, Baby infant, Baby teether, Baby toothbrush, for the most of products are manufacturing for the baby whole daily using, except it Medical product and Silicone Diving mask commonly appeals in the market throughout the world. There is no doubt that product of us has arousing a great reputation and we firmly guarantee the excellent quality machines are your first option.
1. Quicker response and higher precision.
2. A shorter forming cycle and higher efficiency
3. Lower energy consumption on the part of the motor
4. The current generated when starting a conventional motor is generally 5 times as high as that maintained when in normal operation. Because a DCM machine adopts soft start, it will not cause impact to the power grid;
5. More water and oil-efficient
6. Lower noise
7. A shorter machine body
8. A higher cost-performance ratio
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