4.2\" ceramic folding knife

4.2" ceramic blade folding knife,tactical knife,wooden inlaid stainless steel handle

Product ID: KC-ZF02WH

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Feature of CHANY ceramic knives:
1/ Razor sharp ceramic blade,
2/ sharpness retention for years,
3/ Never rust and roll ceramic blade,
4/ Impervious to food acids and alkalis,
5/ Do not brown/oxidize/wilt fruits and vegetables, keept the taste and look as they should,
6/ Do not transfer a metallic taste or smell,
7/ Lightweight and perfectly balanced
8/ Ergonomically designed handle, comfortable to hold,
9/ Anti-bacteria,
10/ Ant-allergic,
11/ Non-conductive and non-magnetic,
12/ Easy to clean,
13/ Hardness next to diamond.

Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program:
With our Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program, you will never need to worry about breakage.
1/ Free repair service to all our branded ceramic knives,
2/ Replacement service to all our branded ceramic knives that are in stock, at 15% off the current suggested retail price.

1/ Keep away from children,
2/ Avoid extreme heat or shock,
3/ Do not chop,cut bones, frozen foods or thick objects,
4/ Do not twist,pry the ceramic blades,
5/ Wooden/plastic chopping board only,
6/ Do not grind without professional advice,
7/ Do not drop,
8/ Pack well while traveling.
9/ Do not put the ceramic blade in open flame (ceramic blade conduct heat).

1/ We ship worldwide.
2/ Drop shippment is accepted.
3/ Freight collect service is accepted. But no responsibility taken on the sellers side.
4/ Custom designated freight company is accepted, but no responsibility taken on the sellers side.
5/ We ship via EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, Postal,etc.

Other applications used by CHANY Zirconia ceramics:
1/ jewllery,
2/ scuba,
3/ bomb disposal operations,
4/ dental/prosthodontics,
5/ Industrial parts,such as bearings,industrial cutting blades,etc,
6/ piezoelectric element,
7/ functional ceramics and structural ceramics,
8/ electrolyte used in solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC),
9/ bulletproof vest,
10/ min-fan axis,
11/ sensors usde in steel production,
12/ high heat generation heaters,
13/ textile meterial of health care,
14/ ZrO2 coating for barrier coating,
15/ fireproofing.
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