Chany Corporation Limited
Chany knives trace their history back to a small tool workroom in Western China in 1980\'s. In 1995,Clark carrys forward his father Johnathan\'s bussiness. Clark moved the business into Shenzhen,a city reform and open up. Since then,the company\'s name is very much known.
In 2008,the Global Financial Crisis almost ends the company\'s life. Wage,raw materials,housing price are increased time and time again. And the orders decreased. Most importanly, Being short of workers and professionals deadly strikes the company. John,Clark\'s yong son,succeeds and thinks out possible and successful solutions.
Then the headquarter finnally puts down roots in Hong Kong,which is near Shenzhen,in 2009. The price lowered without sacrifice the quality. Chany gains back the faith of those regular customers. And more and more new customers infuse new blood into Chany Corporation. The market are expanded,the sales increased in 2010.
Chany knives makes quality cutlery for kitchen,pocket,Military,Law Enforcement and collecting. Those ceramic folding knives\' desinged to perform highly under any circumstances with best price competitiveness. At least 95% zirconium ceramic powder blades provide edge holding ablity,ideal for specal operations along with solid G10 slip resistant grip,ABS quartz stone,and fiberglass reinforced plastic handle.The penetrating tip,the thumb stud for immediate deployment,the solid lockback mechanism and the clip allowing oporators carry around are all presents Chany\'s practical and comfortable philosophy.
The Chany ceramic blade kitchen knives are built in white,black and black mirror finish ceramic blades, and with curvaceous and comfortable handles in different series,Artisan,Y?kihi,Classic,CeTec,Grandi. Those ceramic blades make for razor cutting edges that resist dulling longer than other blade materials. The fluid design allows strength-saving wrist motion. Besides,the healthy ceramic blades let you to enjoy without tasting iron flavors from the steel blades,and free the children from allergy.

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