laser marking machine/Laser machine/Laser printer(BMG-CO2-S10)

Product ID: Laser machine

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Product features
Can cooperate assembly line production speed 0-20 meters;
Marking high accuracy, speed, carving depth is optional control;
Laser power is great, can apply to non-metallic product surface sculpture;
No consumables;
Mark clear, is not easy to wear;

Applicable materials, industrial applications
Mainly used in non-metallic materials, including gifts, leather clothing, signage, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate and shell nameplate, etc.

Equipment parameters:
Equipment type: BMG - CO2-S10
laser power: 10W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
standard marking range: 110 x 110mm
Engraving speed: ≤7000mm/s
minimum line width: 0.03 mm
Minimum characters: 0.3 mm
repeat precision: ±0.001mm
The machine power-hungry power: ≤0.5KW
power demand: 220V / 50Hz / 10A

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