Guangzhou Bimei high laser Technology Co., LTD
Guangzhou Bimei high laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial laser products and laser technology, high-tech enterprise integrated solutions, the company with many years of research and application in the field of laser technology, experience, and with Germany, the United States and many other internationally renowned Laser field and its experts on a wide range of laser communication and good technical cooperation in today's growing, independent research, the development of multiple product lines. Bimei high the company's development and achievements of today, thanks to the care and support the community and all Bimei high staff to work together.

Guangzhou Bimei High Laser Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells various types of industrial laser marking applications, including YAG series, CO2 series, fiber series, laser marking machines, semiconductor end pump laser marking machine, operation and maintenance is simple, widely used In medicine, metal, Japan, mobile phone industry, auto parts, electronic components, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewelry, plastic products, garment, leather, glass products, food packaging and other fields, the dynamic online products and high-speed carving performance and good standard Wide range of performance to gain market acceptance.

The company "business integrity, cooperation and win-win"approach to business, adherence to the "technological innovation, outstanding quality and service first "principle, for the industry to provide high-quality industrial laser products and laser technology the overall solution, but also for the cause of China's laser Devote the greatest effort.