Rotating-chrysanthemum flower cake birthday candles

Product ID: BH-JX07

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2.won melt in the hot summer
3.made by our own factory
4.chrysanthemum shaped flower birthday candle

1.all parts of candles are made by our own factory

2.the music and the shape of candle can be made according to customers needs

3.welcome the customers design

4.our products are high quality and very safe

5.we have the certification of ISO9001,CE

6.flower shaped musical birthday candle,auto-opening and auto-sing "Happy Birthday To You"

7.chrysantheum shaped flower birthday candle

Explanation to the cutline

1.Take out a joss stick from a case ,and light up it with a lighter

2.Make the lighter joss stick horizontal 45° of an angle, touch small red-point of gunpowder center

under candle end, and full color fireworks can be spouted immediately

3.If you want to stop the music ,please cut the copper wire with small scissors


1.Children under 12 may not operate it solely

2.Your face should be beyond 40 cm of this product

3.You may not light up the wax candles with fire directly
  • ISO9001
  • CE

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