AT-II Wireless Temperature Monitors

AT-II Wireless Temperature Monitors

Wireless Temperature Displays for AT-II System

Product ID: AT-II-X12/X100/X256

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Product features:
1. Receive data from 12 wireless temperature sensors simultaneously.
2. Access software to manage monitoring easily.
3. Expand forwarding function to save the trouble of wiring.
4. Expand mass storage to save historical data, read data through USB.
5. Have data interface to access other instruments conveniently.

No. Model
Basic parameter
Communication interface
Function Other parameter
Receiving distance (Max. )
Model of configurable sensors
Overall dimension
(mm) USB RS-485
Flash storage
Background Storage
Alarm setting
Data display
Data forwarding
Power supply
Display screen

1 AT-II-X12F01 50m AT-II-F1/F2/TC/TR 160*80*77
Sound and light; On-off alarm node AC: 85V~264V; DC: 110V~370V;
220V± 10%50Hz 433MHz~470MHz 3LCD
3" LCD
2 AT-II-X12F02 50m AT-II-F1/F2/TC/TR 200*135*31
3 AT-II-X12FR02 800m AT-II-F1/F2/TC/TR 200*135*31
4 AT-II-X12C01 800m AT-II-
  • ISO9001:2008

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