Direct Combustion Pressure Regulator Box

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Brief introduction:In china,we use direct combustion equipments. For instance, gas fired boiler, gas air conditioner and gas burner are all used with low pressure of 50-100mbar. And those are using low pressure of 50-150mbar. Knowing this kind of equipments feature, our company has already developed a series of high quality direct combustion pressure regulating boxes. These products are designed for industrial gas, the flow rate shocks, open and shut promptly and uninterrupted gas supply. It owns many functions such as filter, voltage regulation and computation. It also can reflect rapidly, steady outlet pressure and highly closed precision under the condition of the unpredictable change for the range of flow to meet the needs of industrial and civilian use.
1. The major components of regulator are the major regulator, limiting pressure closing system, flow meter and meter control. Those are premium brands to guarantee its high quality, high degree of accuracy and high reliability
2. The pressure regulating box owns a high accuracy degree of filter (5μm). Users can change the filter timely for differential manometer can reflect how dirty the filter element is.
3. The regulator is furnished with limiting pressure closing system. When loses control, it can disconnect air supply automatically to ensure the steady of the manometer.
4. We can regulate the manometer both artificial and automatic method to make sure the instantly air supply
5. It experienced strict pressure-tight and gas-tight test to ensure the system of no leakage

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