Micro-voltage meter (Taiwan, China)

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Our company runs micro-voltage meter (over- voltage protective model) with beautiful appearance, which the nature even the price is superior.
Features: over- voltage protection, high-accuracy pressure display, high sensitivity and beautiful surface, and so on. However, it is price lower than others of its kind about 20%.
Sylphon: The phosphor bronze sylphon welds on the interface of brass.
Interface: nickel-plated brass; machine: brass, stainless steel; enclosure: chrome plate, stainless steel
Norm: surface diameter (60mm) (70mm) (100mm) (140mm); interface dimension: 3/8 thread
Working temperature: lower than -40-70
Measurement range: 1000mmwwc 1500mmwc 2000mmwc 5000mmwc
Applications: the micro-voltage meters are adopted advanced technology and widely used in display of pipe end pressure, such as regulator box, boiler, burner, oven, and kitchen ware. This kind of meter can compete on price. Inquiries are welcome.
Website: http://www.ccgas.net
Company name: Shenzhen Ya Wei Hua Industrial Co., Ltd
Address: Jingyuan building NO.19c Songyuan road, Luohu district, Shenzhen, China
Contact: Deng manager
Tel: 0755-25887276, 25887166
Fax: 0755-25887232

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