Whole Transfer Paper / Film

Whole Transfer Paper / Film

whole transfer foil, transfer paper

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Whole transfer foil is used to transfer its colors onto the synthetic leather, genuine leather, PU, PVC, TPU, etc. Its to enhance the base material a gloss and value.

Yeong Shiuann (YS) is a professional whole transfer foil manufacturer. We have two types of whole transfer foils including the ordinary type and the "S" type. The "S" type is super coriaceous. Whole transfer foil can be further dealt with metallization, holography and printing to make verified color patterns. In the market, you could see a lot of finished products such as shoes, bags, wallpaper, leather belt and more using the foils transfer technology.

With many years of experiences, Yeong Shiuann is good at color innovation and has a complete range of color patterns. We also provide precise color pattern according to customers’ request within the shortest possible time. Welcome to contact us anytime.

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