multilingual tour commentary for city sightseeing

multilingual tour commentary for city sightseeing

gps commentary system

Product ID: TM203D

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Multilingual tour commentary is a system for tour bus,boat,hop on hop off,curise boat it can play 16
languages simultaneously. Tour commentaries. Gps based. Audios-at-seat. Day tours. Extended tours.
Hop-on, hop-off. Bus, tram, train, water-craft and more!. Designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing
tourism coach and bus market, the tourmaster provides the ultimate solution for all your tour
commentary requirements. Offering personal headphones with individualcontrollersat every seat allows
you to offer tour commentaries in multiple simultaneous languages. Gps selects and plays the correct
commentaries in the correct places every time and relieves the driver from tedious and typically
unreliable manual operation. By providing up-beat, studio recorded commentaries - you will maintain
legibility, consistency and quality with all your tour products. Also load music tracks onto the
tourmaster - let your passengers enjoy their travelling. Tour commentaries. Day tours.

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