synthetic ice rink

synthetic ice rink

UHMPWE plastic white synthetic ice rink panel

Product ID: HA-ice rink

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Huao Synthetic ice rink is made from high technology material with complex processing and perfect design . It is almost 90% close to the real ice rink and Synthetic ice is a solid polymer material designed for skating using normal metal-bladed ice skates. It is a revolutionary product which cab be widely used as skating rink, hockey rink ,specialized training, it can be designed as the stage for ball, performance or entertainment.
Synthetic ice rinks can be installed on any sturdy ,flat ,level and firm surface. No matter in the winter or in the summer , in indoor or outdoor.You can build it easily, when , how and where you want it .Your operational costs will be very low : no electricity, no water bills , no skilled labor needed.
We can supplier a perfect solution.Welcome to contact us to know more about the HUAO Synthetic ice rink .
Artificial ice rink ,also called synthetic ice rink ,is made from new type material --high molecular polymer. I t is widely used in UK ,US ,German ,Can
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