Shenzhen DAPENGLaser Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company operating layout covering the East Coast Main industrial provinces and cities: Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jieyang), Fujian (Xiamen), Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Ningbo), Jiangsu (Wuxi), Shandong (Qingdao) and the Indian agent, vertical integration of upstream and downstream production process, diversification of laser equipment, products, production elasticity, effectively shortening the supply chain and meet the needs of customers purchasing, reduce time and cost of procurement.

Dapeng laser Dedicated in R & D, manufacturing, sales of industrial laser equipment, the main products of the company including laser marking machine series, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine series, specially used in the industry and automatic customization of laser equipment, at the same time, it provides parts of lasers and related equipment for the Chinese and global laser industry manufacturers. In selling all kinds of laser equipment more than 4000 units, is the domestic well-known from research and development, raw material procurement, production, distribution and after-sales and a series of full set of professional service of laser equipment manufacturers and sales of its products covers mainland China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, and actively expand in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Eurus, South America and other emerging markets.

Dapeng laser is committed to provide stability is the highest and most of the price ratio of industrial laser equipment for the customer, Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company products both in performance, stability, the warranty period and price relative to the companies in the same industry products has incomparable advantages. Is one of the leading brands in China's standard laser marking machine, welding machine and cutting machine. 2005, officially entered the laser equipment industry, after 10 years of hard work to cultivate, Dapeng laser has been among the well-known industrial laser equipment manufacturers, the company has experience of 10 years of professional R & D design team, for the industry to develop customized non-standard automation laser equipment. We are committed to become the field of industrial laser equipment total solution provider, for customers to provide high-quality, high stability, high price of industrial laser equipment and a full range of technology support service.

Our professional services:

1. Provide service from a full package of materials and equipment research and development, proofing, automation of laser equipment design.

2. the perfect pre-sale, sale and customer service service system.

3.Customer satisfaction guarantee commitment.

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