Table type Large Capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Max Capacity 4×300ml max centrifuge :29400g

Product ID: TGL20MW

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Use a brushless motor with high torque and variable frequency which is controlled by an SCM of Microchips dsPIC30F series and driven by a special driver module of FAIRCHILDS FSBB30CH Series to ensure the circuits reliability.

The design of the whole machine is in line with the ergonomics.with a streamline design,a complete steel structure and a stainless steel centrifuge cavity,it is safer,better looking and more efficient.

With multiple protection measures such as super speed,over heat and imbalance as well as a special combination of shock absorbers to keep the motor running smoothly.With triple protective layers of steel bushing to achieve secure and reliable operation as well as personnel and equipment safety.

Rotors at rest will be in standby and cool down.

With TFT true-color LCD widescreen touch monitor featured by intelligent control,easy and convenient operation,a touch panel and a simultaneous indication of both the set parameters and operation ones.
  • CE ISO 9001 13485

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