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Our products are manufactured strictly according to ASTM975.97 EN10223-3.The use of Bakeart steel is the certify of our gabion’s quality.Our level of standardization and mechanization is hard to be beaten in China.Various kinds of sophisticated testing equipments make sure our products reach the standard
G-leader gabion boxes, Reno mattresses and Terramesh are engineered from double twisted or five twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Hexagonal woven structure is highly flexible and permeable that is widely using in hydraulic engineering, slope protection, retaining wall, rock fall protection, embankment reinforcement erosion protection and ground modification along with related work.
All types of G-leader gabion products are made from heavily galvanized low carbon steel wire, or galfan (Zn 5% Al, Zn 10% Al) which is even better in resisting erosion. The use of low carbon steel wire not only increase the hardness but also enhance the ductility of the gabion b
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14000

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