plastic effervescent tablet tubes

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2 plastic effervescent tablet tube with spring cap
3 plastic effervescent tablet tubes
4 Effervescent & Diagnostic Test Strip Packaging


Fuda Plastic starts effervescent packing from early 2014, with experence and skill promotion, we focus on protecting inside product safe and qualified. When effervescent tablet just appear in north China, we are catching up fast. Built in moisture proof desiccant and spiral fixed spring compaction cap prevents tabkets well. Simple structure and contenient utilization with even bottleneck and uniform thickness reveal the strength of enterprise.

Producing Advantage
1.Moisture desiccant proof cap is combined with Silica gel or molecular sieve, this offers a good storage space for your pruducts.
2.Fixed spiral cap structure to prevent products inside abrasion
3.One hand open, convenient to use
4.smooth tube lip
5.uniform wall thickness of tube


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