PP Sterile Vaccine Vails

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1 Plastic Vaccine bottle
2 PP Sterile Vaccine Vails
3 PE Sterle Container for Vaccine

With high temperature and pressure sterilization, or EO sterile, we produce vaccine vails stay clean, so that medicine can be directly filled inside. Injection blow moulding process keep Fudaplastic vaccine vails non-leakage and good appearance.

Producing Advantage
1.Sterile packaging
2.High-temperature resistant
3.High-pressure resistant
4.EO sterilization
5.International standard caliber
7.Uniform wall thickness

Item B001
packing detail 5280 pcs
carton size (cm) 54*46*54
20 foot container(including tube and cap)
40 foot container

1.Fudaplastic offers logo and label printing on tube 2.Different colors effervescent tube and cap are available 3.Customized sh

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