turnstile for supermarket

turnstile for supermarket

Column type Flap barrier Turnstile for supermarket.ADA passthru

Product ID: CXTB130M

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Column type Flap barrier Turnstile for supermarket.ADA passthru
(Ideal choice for passenger and non-motor vehicle passing control ) mainly installed in entrance and exit of shopping mall which has a large flow rate; it is most popular in supermarket.
1.Can be integrated with all kinds of access control systems,
2.Unidirectional or bidirectional access control can be achieved via external button or remote control.
3.Auto –reset, swing arm will auto close within certain time(multi grade time adjusting) after open,
4.Mechanical anti-jam, the swing arm will not close if it detects people or objects inside the aisle.
5.All-round humanized self-protection.
When people or objects blocks it’s movement ,system will continuously detect 1-5 times( each time of 5s )and stay in normal close state, part opponents are under dormant state.
When system cannot detect reset signal(arm hits the housing),system will auto detect1-5times(each time of 5s)
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