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• Prolongs life span
• Reduces signs of aging
• Reverses degenerative diseases
• Activates certain enzymes that regulate gene silencing and DNA repair
• Increases SIRT1 genes to protect cells against free radical production and
DNA damage, thereby reducing cell death
• Mimics the effects of dietary restriction
• Prevents pulmonary hypertension
• Found to have a positive impact on obesity:
* Hindered fat storage
* Reduced levels of inflammatory compounds
* Increased levels of adiponectin
• Hormone that regulates fatty acid catabolism
• Promotes sensitivity to insulin
• Modulates pathomechanisms of debilitating neurological disorders, such as strokes, ischemia, and Huntingtons & Alzheimer’s diseases
• Prevents cigarette smoke stress and inflammation
• Prevents DNA damage/modification
• Prevents dysfunction in carotid arteries
• Prevents smoking-induced cell death in the arteries
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