Automobile Parts Wheel Trim Ring And Cap Fog & Stop Lamp Mirrors Interior & Rood

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Cylinder and cylinder head piston, piston ring, pin clip engine gasket set and top set oil seal, clutch fractions plate, primary driven gear comp, sprocket gear, front gear, gear change shaft ASSY, gear change pedal, kick starter arm ASSY, kick axle(kick shaft), all spring, element(air cleaner), muffler ASSY silencer muffler rubber, contact point set condenser, coil, knob(side cover bolt), side cover(tool and battery cover), driver chain case, cushion(rear and front), rear footrest ASSY and rubber, rear fork comp, rear arm bushing, brake pedal ASSY, brake rod ASSY, main stand shaft, main stand, foot rest(step bar), fender , front ane rear, flap, rear fender, front fork ASSY, front fork cover l / rh, main switch ASSY, steerage lock ASSY brake mirror ASSY, lever holder ASSY, handle lever and starter lever, handle switch ASSY, handle bar and clip rubber, clutch cable, f / brake cable, throttle cable ASSY, s / meter wire, fuel tank ASSY and cap, fuel cock ASSY, brake shoes ASSY, f / brake switch, hub, front and rear, spoke set, meter gear ASSY, chain adjuster(puller), sleeve ASSY, head light ASSY, head light case, head light lens, head light rim, speedometer ASSY, tail light ASSY, tail light cover, flasher lamp ASSY, flasher relay ASSY, flasher lamp lens, wire harness ASSY, hornASSY, battery, fuse and fuse case, stop switch ASSY, plug cap, ignition coil ASSY ,rectifier ASSY, leg shield ASSY , and all spare parts.

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