Product ID: ATC-2345

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  • 64-bit 3D/2D high performance graphics accelerator.
  • High quality/performance 3D texture mapping for interactive entertainment and presentations.
  • 17MHZ true-color RAMDAC.
  • Full 16-bit z-buffer support in all rendering modes for enhanced image quality, realism, and performance.
  • Unique S3 streams processor for hardware-assisted video playback.
  • S3 scenic/MX2 MPEG-1 audio/video decoder.
  • Full PCI 2.1 compatibility.
  • Up to 4 MB of 64-bit EDO DRAM.
  • Full hardware and BIOS support for VESA display power management signaling (DPMS) monitor power savings modes.
  • Xing Software MPEG.
  • Easy installation utility for Windows(TM) 95, Windows(TM) 3.11 in multi-language.

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